Our Obligations

  • The price listed for each book is the total borrowing fee and service fee only. It doesn’t not include delivery fee. If you’ll like to pick up at the store, kindly select ‘Store pick up’ at Checkout.

  • All books in the library are in readable condition.

  • For ease of operation, this service is currently available to Lagos residents only.

  • The timeframe for return is 3 weeks. Where the 21st day falls on a Sunday, you can return the book by the following day-Monday. A reminder will be sent to you on the 10th, 18th and 21st day if we are yet to receive your borrowed books.

  • Books are borrowed on a first come, first serve basis. If a book shows ‘out of stock’, it means it has been borrowed. As soon as the book is available, an email will be sent to the first customer on the waiting list until we reach your turn.

  • We include a return courier bag and unique shipping label in every package. You are required to return the books using this courier bag and shipping label. The shipping label helps us to identify returns. It is therefore important that you use it in your returns. We will acknowledge every return via email.

  • Every book returned will be inspected and assigned a category of condition as shown below. After deducting a service fee of 25%, we will refund the borrowing fee in percentages of the remaining 75% based on the following conditions:
    • 👉🏽Condition A – Still in good condition. Refund of the 75%
    • 👉🏽Condition B – Torn pages (other than previously torn pages before the book was borrowed, if any). Refund of 50% of the 75%.
    • 👉🏽Condition C – Ink smear, oil smear, or any other kind of blemishes or stains. Refund of 30% of the 75%
    • 👉🏽Any other condition or a combination of conditions B & C above. No refund will be issued.
    • 👉🏽No return after borrowing period has elapsed. No refund will be issued & blacklisted from borrowing.
    • 👉🏽Books returned in Conditions B & C after 2 borrowing rounds. No refund & blacklisted from borrowing.
    • 👉🏽Disguising as a new borrower after you have been blacklisted. Blacklist new identity from borrowing and all our platforms.

Conditions for Borrowing

  • Handle all books carefully. Treat them with respect. Think about others who might not have the opportunity to read the book if you do not handle them well.

  • You should not check out more than 3 books at a time for ease of use and return.

  • The timeframe for return is 3 weeks including public holidays and weekends. Where the 21st day falls on a Sunday or on a Public holiday, you can return the book by the following day-Monday or the next working day. A reminder will be sent to you on the 10th, 18th and 21st day if we are yet to receive your borrowed books.

  • You are only allowed to borrow again after you have returned all previously borrowed books. If you borrow before you return and we receive and acknowledge previously borrowed books, your order will be canceled and you’ll be refunded.

Need help?

Contact us at library@bookpeddler.ng for questions related to refunds and returns.